Best 10 VPN Service Providers That Accept Bitcoin

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Best 10 VPN Service Providers That Accept Bitcoin

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Best 10 VPN Service Providers That Accept Bitcoin

Posted By Maryum Fatyma

Is ‘VPN’ New Word For You?

If yes, then firstly let me explain that what is VPN? VPN (Virtual Private Network) is the service that helps to protect your (or the one who avails this service) online activities over the internet, wi-fi, hotspot (etc) from the cyber criminals.

The best 10 VPN service providers are being listed here that accept Bitcoin payment method. Before that, I want to tell some benefits of VPN;

Online Security; Usage of VPN is better for security conscious people.
Identity Protection; VPN service protects your identity from the virtual world.
Hide Real Place; You can be a dweller of another country with unique IP address (countries are vary from one provider to another and one package to another).
Unblock Websites; you can easily enter the blocked websites, P2P file sharing service, or VoIP applications with the help of VPN service.

These are the major benefits of using a VPN. Now, what are the disadvantages of using a Virtual Private Network (aka VPN);

A Big Disadvantage; VPN provider becomes the third party between you and your network activities. If someone avails such VPN service that has no credibility then no doubt that VPN provider itself can be a cause of leaking your personal information such as; login and banking details. This disadvantage depends on your selection that how much credible your chosen VPN provider is.

Recommendation: Choose the right one, if you cannot judge the best VPN service provider yourself, then take a help of skilled VPN advisor. Check out the top 10 listings of around 5 to 10 websites. Keep the note in your mind that which VPN service provider is listed in most of the listings. Another way is to read the customer reviews, and also read the threads on relevant forums or blogs. One key point; never ever go with free VPN service.spending few dollars is better than welcoming to hackers to damage you completely.

Lets start counting (with little but useful explanations) of the 10 best VPN Service providers that accept Bitcoin payment method;

NOTE: There is a massive number of VPN service providers, but each is not credible. And, many of them claim that they accept Bitcoin, but while finalizing the order process they don’t come up with Bitcoin payment option, such as StrongVPN (proof with screenshot);

strongVPN - NOt Bitcoin accpeted


1. NordVPN

NordVPN has been working over a decade, and improving day by day, However, it is already offering extensive features. The service is compatible for following devices; Android, iPhones, iPads, Macs, Desktops, and game consoles. The company states that they would come up with the DNS for TVs as well. The company offers two commonly used tunneling likely; compulsory and voluntary. Further, they say that the software is easy to use, and anyone can set it up without previous experience.

NordVPN VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $8.00 per month
Website: NordVPN
Alexa Ranking: 91, 832 globally
Credibility: TorrentFreak, HuffingtonPost, CNet, Fox5, Tedx, PCMag Editor’s Choice and  Best VPN Service approve the Company.

2. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN offers three-step process Sign Up > Install > Connect. It provides 100+ servers of 78 countries, and the listing of countries doesn’t stop here, the company constantly adds up more and more servers and countries per customers’ need. British Virgin Islands-Based company was launched in 2009, and in few years it has gained its name as the most reputable VPN service providing company.

expressVPN VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $12. 95 per month
Website: ExpressVPN
Alexa Ranking: 35, 384 globally
Credibility: The company has discussed by Yahoo, CNet, InQuisitr, TC, Entrepreneur, TNW, and Market Wired.

3. IPVanish

IPVanish stays away to hackers, firewalls, and government to detect the customers’ activities. One of the best features by the provider is to lower the VoIP based companies’ bills likely; Vonage and Skype. It’s four top featuring offers are fast connection, 100% online protection, easy to use, and the Best VPN service because it offers over 350 servers of 65+ countries.

IPVanish VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $11.99 per month
Website: IPVanish
Alexa Ranking: 50, 090 globally
Credibility: LifeHacker, GW2K, and Tech at Last say positive words about the company.

4. HideMyAss

HideMyAss is one of the most recommended VPN services because of the credibility. It completely conceals the private online activities and saves you from the inbound threats. Once you complete the sign-up and installation process, your email, online banking, and social media login details are passed via an encrypted tunnel.

HideMyAss VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $11.52 per month
Website: HideMyAss
Alexa Ranking: 3, 900 globally
Credibility: Forbes, TheGuardian, Yahoo, BloombergView, and WSJ review the company with prominent words.

5. BolehVPN

BolehVPN welcomes to the Worldwide customers with top six features likely; unblock sites and overcome censorship, protect yourself at public wi-fi hotspots, surf anonymously, security, deal with real people, and choice of the sizeable servers of top countries. The company offers both commonly used following setups; proxied and routed.

BolehVPN VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $10 per month
Website: BolehVPN
Alexa Ranking: 413, 455 globally
Credibility: None (or not specified)

6. TorVPN

TorVPN offers VPN service to all device holders, and also provides a free of cost package named OpenVPN (again; never ever try free VPN service because such services don’t give any guarantee of credibility). Its paid services are affordable with extensive features such as; unlimited speed, one open session, openVPN secure VPN protocole + PPTP, SSH Tunnel, no time limit and vary GBs per package, encrypted socks proxy without administrator privileges, and SSL encrypted pages – certificate provided by GeoTrust.

TorVPN VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: £1 per month (or avail ProVPN £1.90)
Website: TorVPN
Alexa Ranking: 534, 639 globally
Credibility: None (or not specified)

7. SaferVPN

SaferVPN was founded in 2013, and just within 2 years it ranked 104, 351 globally based on Alexa. It comes up with highly suggested four protocols likely; OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, PPTP, and IKEv2. SaferVPN’s mission is to provide state-of-the-art functionality. It offers 150+ servers in 24 and more countries (and including more day by day).

SaferVPN VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $8.99 per month
Website: SaferVPN
Alexa Ranking: 104, 351 globally
Credibility: The Huffington Post, The New York Times, BBC, USA Today, The Product Hunt, The Guardian, The Next Web, Haaretz, PCWorld, Digital Times, and Dell.

8. Private Internet Access

This is the only VPN service providers that accept Bitcoin (till 8th point) in which I see icons of PCMag Editor’s Choice and 2015 Reader Recommended by Tom’s Hardware. Further, I keep calm after seeing the huge number of servers that is over 3024+ in 21 countries and that is much (based on customers’ requirement). Private Internet Access’ top features are; secure VPN account, encrypted Wi-Fi, P2P and VoIP Support, PPTP, OpenVPN and L2TP/IPSec, Multiple VPN Gateways, unlimited bandwidth, SOCKS5 Proxy included, no traffic logs, and instant setup.

Private Internet Access VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $6.95 per month
Website: PrivateInternetAccess
Alexa Ranking: 16, 525 globally
Credibility: Lifehacker, MSNmoney, Kiplinger, TF, BusinessInsider, NetworkWorld, CBSNews, GIZMODO, PCWorld, Forbes, Yahoo, at&t, and Wired.

9. Cyberghost

Military grade VPN service offers the completely free package as well as paid packages. A free one can be downloaded, but the ads would appear and can vex you more than hackers. Paid packages are fully recommended that offer easy to use set up, unblock content you love, safe online browsing, protect your online privacy, ad-free browsing, transparent and certified provider, Malware and virus protection, data compression, and force HTTPS.

Cyberghost VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $6.99 per month
Website: CyberGhost
Alexa Ranking: 18, 003 globally
Credibility: CyberGhost 5.5 press release, and CyberGhost Privacy Accelerator Program Press Release

10. EarthVPN

EarthVPN offers unbeatable pricing based on the company’s own statement. The company comes up with two packages, you can avail either monthly package or annually. Each is featuring with the same keys such as; access to all 32 countries, 168 locations, all top protocols PPTP / L2TP / SSTP / OpenVPN, 3 simultaneous connections from the same place, P2P/Torrents enables, keeps you anonymous and secret, get around restrictions, DD-WRT / Tomato Firmware Routers Support, Watch Chromecast Anywhere via DD-WRT, 128bit AES & 2048 bit RSA Encryption, No Contract and Instant Activation, and Xbox, PS3, Apple TV, Roku Support via DD-WRT.

EarthVPN VPN Service provider bitcoin accepted

Pricing: $3.99 per month
Website: EarthVPN
Alexa Ranking: 375, 240 globally
Credibility: None (or not specified)

P.S. The numbering (of the best 10 VPN Service Providers That Accept Bitcoin) isn’t ranking. However, each listed provider is trusted. Choose the one that has the best Alexa ranking that’s my recommendation.


Written by Maryum Fatyma

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