Top 10 Domain Registrars Accept Bitcoin Payment Method

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Top 10 Domain Registrars Accept Bitcoin Payment Method

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Top 10 Domain Registrars Accept Bitcoin Payment Method

Posted By Maryum Fatyma

Bitcoin (digital currency) has been the priority of online buyers who are in need of online transactions. The digital currency was introduced on 3rd January 2009. And this is for Worldwide people [not like PayPal that doesn’t permit to sign up from particular countries]. A very first step to creating a website is to buy a domain. There are a number of domain registrars over the web, though, but each one comes up with vary features, services, and possibilities. The listing is going to reveal such domain registrars that gladly accept payment via Bitcoin. Obviously, PayPal banned countries ease to know that top domain registrars accept Bitcoin payment method as they go here, but before that listing…

An Interesting Experience has to share; while researching the listing of such top domain registrars that accept payment via Bitcoin, I found one registrar that claims to accept Bitcoin, but as soon as completed the sign-up process, just got stuck when I see the payment methods as following on the screenshot;


Interesting is that the site clearly says in its FAQs that it accepts Bitcoin (as you can see the screenshot below). No comments about the company, though, but one thing that I learned not to believe on words, and just be practical. That’s the reason I checked each listed domain registrar practically and went through their sign up processes until I could see the accepted payment methods in final steps.

noip doesn't accept bitcoin

1 – Namecheap

Namecheap was founded in 2001. Its headquarter is located in Los Angeles, California, United States. The company brings up with easy to handle features that is the reason its Alexa ranking is 1,881 globally. Why not it will accept Bitcoin payment while its first priority is offering customer friendly services. To be clear, Namecheap accepts Bitcoin’s account funds only, you can do that yourself, first add funds on your Namecheap account then choose the payment method account funds while processing.


2 – Internetbs

There is no much information about the company over the web, even it has no ‘about us’ page. Further to point out, there is no company’s encyclopedia on Wiki. However, VeriSign and ICANN approved domain registrar company accepts Bitcoin happily and let the leading payment method to beat PayPal.

Internetbs accepts Bitcoin

3 – QHoster

QHoster was founded in 2004, and that is a much old company (as I’m writing in 2015). Despite 11 years of existence, the company seems newly created website because of its bit unpleasant website look. No matter how it looks alike, but the company gives happiness to Bitcoin holders.

QHoster accepts Bitcoin

4 – Gandi

France-based domain registrar company let the people pay via Bitcoin wallet. It claims that the company is first that was approved by ICANN (among other same niche companies). It was founded in 1999 (older than Namecheap) and that is the reason of its claim about ICANN though.

Gandi accepts Bitcoin

5 – Namesilo

Another ICANN accredited domain registrar, Namesilo, was founded in 2010. ICANN verification is enough to rely on the company more than if you see whether the company is US based or not. The Phoenix, Arizona-based company accepts Bitcoin, BUT only account funds (same as Namecheap, first add funds from Bitcoin wallet then choose the account funds option to purchase).

Namesilo accepts Bitcoin

6 – Directnic

BBB and ICANN accredited and Norton secured, Directnic, was launched on 1st May 2011, in Louisiana, USA. The company comes up with its own 7 core values that all favor to its worldwide customers. Because of its priority, Directnic is featuring payment method Bitcoin.

DirectNic accepts Bitcoin

7 – Domains4Bitcoins

The name itself tells the availability. It is COMODO secured, user trusted company, but many of the customers are unhappy with its customer service (that is what many companies receive this type of feedback). Domains4Bitcoins claims it charges the current Bitcoin price and the buyers can use the provided Bitcoin current rates converted tool while payment processing.

Domains4Bitcoins accepts Bitcoin

8 – Cinfu

The first [in the list] domain registrar company that was launched by an African country Seychelles. The theme of the website gives not much pleasure, but the payment methods do. It comes up with loaded payment methods, and Bitcoin as well.

Cinfu accepts Bitcoin

9 – Easydns

EasyDNS doesn’t tell about the company on its own website. But Wikipedia tells incredible stories that the company has violated ICANN’s policies. The massive number of customers have complained to Wikileaks. Whatever the credibility, after all it accepts Bitcoin payment method.

easydns accepts Bitcoin

10 – UniHost

UniHost claims that the company has over 3,000,000 active customers. The company is offering top services since 2001. Its ‘About Us’ page is enough to about the company that it explains each and everything, even the history. Eligible domain registrar accepts Bitcoin and releases the tension.

unihost accepts Bitcoin

NOTE: There are more top domain registrars, even the favorites [of you]. In the meantime, they don’t accept Bitcoin payment method such as; GoDaddy, Hover, Name, Domainsite, Onlinnic, iPage, 1and1 and Dreamhost.

P.S. The numbering is not ranking!


Written by Maryum Fatyma

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